Will be your best friend forever. Caring, giving, funny and friendly. She will never take your kindness for weakness. Wears her heart on her sleeve. But don't mess with her for she will not tolerate disrespect. Spiritual and empathetic she knows when she's around friendly or enemy territory. Always putting others ahead of herself. Is late in discovering her gifts and talents but always knew that she had them. Multi-tasker by nature. Tech savvy. The complete opposite of materialistic. Cares more about cuddling than gifts. Private investigator by Nature. Loves to help others. Is drawn to nature. And is a Child at heart.
Hey Annette let's go to the movies. Annette: nah let's stay home and watch a Movie.
Yo Annette, what's up? Annette: The sky
Hey where's Annette? She's meditating, finding her peace within.
Hi Annette can we talk? I'm feeling kind of down. Annette: Sure, come on let's sit and find out what's wrong. I can help
I'm nothing without my Family. That's the truth!
by BloodKiss February 13, 2013
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Annette is a French baby name for a girl meaning 'Little Ann'. The name is a varient of the Hebrew name 'Hannah', which means 'favor' or 'grace'.
Wow, look at Annette! Her figure skating is so smooth; she's gliding with effortless grace!
by CyberKitten15 March 3, 2018
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the best friend you will ever have. a great listener one minute and the next a person you can make you pee your pants laughing. She is also a person that if you know her you are better off for it. She will make some man/woman very happy one day and be a great mom.
She's my Annette
by Dani_ella January 8, 2010
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The goddess of all goddesses. Enchanted beauty only matched by God. Loyal and devoted. Alluring and seductive. If you are lucky enough to find such a creature. Capture her.
After I met Annette, no other woman had ever exsisted.
by Entrapped714 December 29, 2019
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Amazing person, sweet, humble, funny, beautiful, smart, and trustworthy. A little hard to gain her trust, but once you do she will trust you with her life. Always looking out for you. You can always tell her if somethings wrong because she will understand. Shy at first but when you get too know her she will be very open. Laughs at almost anything, lobes inside jokes, very funny. Piss her, make her mad, make her sad, oof, good luck. Smart, creative, loves to stay in bed and watch netflix. Amazing friend, if you have a Annette just know you are lucky.
Annette is just too perfect for this world.
by HermioneTano July 2, 2019
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1. usually means the child of God... but when applied to women means very sexual, beautiful, and seductive

2. an amazingly gorgeous girl who loves everyone and never turns her back on anyone.. a type of person who rarely gets mad and loves to have fun.. she is a very sexy person and loves flirting and showing off herself

3. a beautiful, sexy, and intelligent woman.. DON'T let her go once shes yours. If you have lost her already- get her back. She will prove to be the best in Every aspect.. annettes live for romance, make stand out gestures, that's all it will take and she is yours for the taking! To get what you really want you have to take a chance- risk it all or lose it all.
"I wish i would have snagged that annette before it was too late."

Also see annetta or jeannette.. both derived from annette
by caheritage acrenald February 3, 2010
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An awesome girl who is known to be pretty and the nicest girl around. she can be a bit moody at times but most of the time she is incredibly happy and loves each day as it goes by. Annette is known to have a great sense of style where ever she is. She has awesome hair and a great sense of humor.

Annette is generally nice and loving towards people she loves, and people that she may not know entirely. Annette is grateful of her friends and her family and life altogether.
nice, loving, awesome, pretty, beautiful, grateful, amazing, Annette
by lilinez August 28, 2011
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