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Carli loves to show off. In her opinion anything that she thinks makes her unique needs to be flaunted. She’s desperate for friends and even a boyfriend, and will do anything for them. She’s typically reliable, but can be self centered at times, which is her main fault. Sometimes she gets so wrapped up in herself, that she doesn’t think about those around her. She wants to be loved by everyone and seeks approval to feel good about herself even though she shouldn’t have to. She’s a pretty attractive girl, and often ends up being the teachers pet, or in some cases you could say the boss’s pet. She succeeds in her field for that reason, and not really because of her work ethic or ability... or lack there of. Carli may not be so confident as she makes herself out to be, and sometimes she takes a little convincing to show her true self. Most of who people think she is is fake. What she doesn’t want people to say is the weak girl beneath who takes everything to heart. She needs encouragement, and a real friend. Someone who doesn’t just like her for her “popularity”.
Carli hides her true self from the world, and tends to love to show off.
by AllNames February 17, 2019
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A Carli is a thot. A Carli looks like a turtle. When doctors had the chance to operate on a Carli they discovered that a Carli's soul is black. If you meet a Carli, please get them help.
Victim of Carli abuse: Stop abusing me
Carli: ghhhhaaaaaaaa
by PonyPony17 January 21, 2019
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The perfect girlfriend and the most amazing and beautiful/gorgeous girl in the world.
I love my Carli , shes my cutie pie, shes the perfect girl for me...i hope i never lose her ! <3

-Love you forever sweetheart <33
by Jonny Kobra June 13, 2008
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She is the most amazing person. She has the kindest heart and is constantly looking for ways to help out. She's a little quirky at times but she always makes you smile.
Alot of people aren't privileged enough to meet a Carli, but if you ever do meet one, don't loose her.
Tim: Hey look, it's a Carli
Joe: Man, I can feel a smile coming on already!

Samantha: What's with that girl? She's always letting me scab food of her
Annette: Yep, that's a Carli alright
by Jimmy Tabbler February 01, 2013
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beautiful, pretty, hot, sexy, gorgeous, cute, adorable, etc. she's funny, nice, easy to talk to and will listen to all your problems no matter how rediculous. basically, she's the most amazing girl in the world and i'm the luckiest guy to have her. <3
by thebestdudeever January 25, 2011
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A amazing girl with the most amazing smile you will ever see! its like she lights up the world with her beauty! you will never meet another girl like her in the world. she is a sexy bitch with a amazing ass. shes has a huge heart and gives the best hugs! shes so lovable any guy would be sooo lucky to have her in his arms! she is generally into hot guys that play sports (like hockey) once shes loves a guy she doesn't give up! she is the strongest girl you will ever meet in the world! shes very athletic and is usually amazing at softball!
Wow see that girl over there shes sexy, her name must be Carli!
by sexygirl101 April 10, 2012
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A person who doesn't really belong in this world. Their mind is in another planet.
Man, that girl is really carli!
by TheChauffeur September 24, 2006
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