She is the most amazing person. She has the kindest heart and is constantly looking for ways to help out. She's a little quirky at times but she always makes you smile.
Alot of people aren't privileged enough to meet a Carli, but if you ever do meet one, don't loose her.
Tim: Hey look, it's a Carli
Joe: Man, I can feel a smile coming on already!

Samantha: What's with that girl? She's always letting me scab food of her
Annette: Yep, that's a Carli alright
by Jimmy Tabbler February 2, 2013
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A amazing girl with the most amazing smile you will ever see! its like she lights up the world with her beauty! you will never meet another girl like her in the world. she is a sexy bitch with a amazing ass. shes has a huge heart and gives the best hugs! shes so lovable any guy would be sooo lucky to have her in his arms! she is generally into hot guys that play sports (like hockey) once shes loves a guy she doesn't give up! she is the strongest girl you will ever meet in the world! shes very athletic and is usually amazing at softball!
Wow see that girl over there shes sexy, her name must be Carli!
by sexygirl101 April 10, 2012
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Carli is a beautiful, wild girl who can not be tamed. If someone hurts her feelings or her friends she can be the biggest bitch in the world, but normally she is sweeter than candy. She is sassier than anyone you will ever meet. She will stick up for you, and her family. She is the most caring person in the world, and the best you will ever meet.
She is sexy as fuck, and and is a really hot dancer.
She is loyal and honest.
"Bro, did you see that sexy girl over there?"
"Oh yeah thats Carli!"
by partyrockersss May 1, 2015
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She is awesome and won't judge you for anything!
Friend: I need to fart
Carli: let it out I won't judge

Friend: oh Carli you are awesome
by Potatochick16 December 17, 2015
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A nice girl who likes to eat food 24/7. She likes Netflix and has blue eyes with brown hair. Usually she's short and loves taco bell. A girl who's laugh fills your love life.
All hail the girl with the Oscar sweatshirt, the name of Carli
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"Carli" is a name ancient Roman's used as a word of a 'bear' or wild animal.
Or a human with "man-arms."
Person1: "Holy sh*t a BEAR is coming!"
Person2: "Oh no! Not a Carli!"
by Roman's June 19, 2010
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