The absolute sweetest guy ever! Braden is the kind of guy who will always stand by you no matter what and will always have your back. He can be a little insane sometimes, but never ceases to amaze with his incredible sweetness. He is always smiling and is such a sweetheart. He is the perfect person to be around, especially if you need a good giggle. He’s always finding ways to be a super hero and save the day. He is so wonderful and anyone who gets a chance to know him is very blessed!
Braden is the person who can always make you smile and will always save your day
by giggle princess August 7, 2011
Braden is a kind and caring individual, although he may seem uncaring and harsh at times. He has a beautiful smile you could never get tired of seeing, and a laugh that will brighten your day. He has an amazing personality and is very popular will all types of people. He has a very outgoing exterior, but on the inside Braden wants to be alone with his thoughts and someone who understands him. He is book smart as well as athletic, and the sweetest guy you will ever meet. He has a very short tolerance for people he dislikes, but may be too worried about being unproblematic to say something. A Braden may be known as a player, but in reality he is very loyal and is looking for the right person. You are lucky to have Braden in your life. Once you have him in your life, NEVER lose him!
Braden is so sweet!
by GoGoJuice77 August 7, 2019
Braden is a person who will give you his shoulder to lean on, and will patiently listen to anyones personal problems. He teaches you how to handle life seriously, and  how to solve your problems by facing it without any fear. He knows how to make a girl smile and forget about the rest of the world. He will give you a mysterious sort of eye contact that will kill you.... In a good way. Braden will cheer you up no matter what kind of a day you have had. He is an easy-going, handsome, smart, and hard working young man. Braden will make you feel like there is no need to compete for any other chick because he will accept you for who you are.  Braden is not the type to judge anybody so when you want to be yourself and show your true colours then he is the perfect person to be with. Braden is truly the real prince charming.
Girl: I think i met myself a Braden <3
Girlfriend: Your the luckiest girl in the world.
by Cheygirl96 January 8, 2012
Braden is possibly the most amazing guy you'll ever meet. He's perfect, inside and out. He's sweet, silly, nice, caring, genuine, insightful..ect. He can be stubborn but thats just what makes him.. him! He is also very attractive. Like, woah.! Perfect hair, adorable smile, gorgeous eyes... He'll make you melt. ;D
He's so amazing, he must be a Braden.
by The_girl_who_was December 9, 2012
he’s such a good boyfriend even though he can get on your nerves. he laughs at everything even if it’s just stupid and he’s really funny. Braden is very adorable and you feel very comfortable around him. he brings the best out of you. just please cherish every moment you have with him because when you lose him, it’s gonna hurt.
Braden is so Braden.
by victoria m ❤️ August 15, 2019

- Big Dick

-most handsome guy ever


-gets all the chicks

-part ninja

-really funny

-great friend

-just amazing at everything he does in life
by Everything I say is true October 4, 2019
Braden is the cutest guy you'll ever meet. Sometimes he can be rude, but really he's a big softie with a big heart. He's super athletic and when you look into his eyes you'll melt. He is so kind and charming. He gets all the girls, but he usually has his heart stuck on one. He's a bit shy at times and sometimes chickens out on taking risks, but only because he cares. He has the most lovable smile and always make people laugh. He always take an opportunity to learn something and never gives up. He is also very competitive and super smart. Any girl would be lucky to have a Braden. <3
Girl 1: "did you hear that Braden got a girlfriend?!"
Girl 2: "Yeah I'm so jelous! I wish I had him as my solemate! :("
by January 13, 2020