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A place that will give you E-coli
Nigga, I have E-coli because I ate at chipotle.
by KeezyT July 18, 2016
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A heavenly food experience involving burritos, tacos, quesadillas, burrito bowls, etc... Can ease stress of bad days, and also cause extreme indigestion. But that is alright. Because Chipotle, you are worth it. Student ID = free drink.
If I had to choose between you and Chipotle, I would choose Chipotle.
by grassyknoll September 17, 2003
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1) An expanding chain of fast-food Mexican-style restaurants that serve overstuffed burritos, tacos, burrito bols (burritos in a bowl and not a tortilla), and other such types of food. They are sort of the higher-end answer to Taco Bell, but still fairly reasonable in price. And a lot less gross, by most accounts.
The somewhat novel (but not really, because some other chains do it as well) approach to ordering food there is that they basically fill your burrito as you go along, so you can see for yourself exactly what's going into it. Also, you can customize it in this way to meet your likes and dislikes.
The burritos are so stuffed full of beans, rice, meat/guacamole, and other fillings that they are more than enough food for most people.
Has been known to cause indigestion in some people, but still pretty darn good.
(Pronounced in several different ways, including Chi-pote-lay, Chi-po-tul, and Chip-o-tlee)
2) A type of pepper.
1)-"We're going to Chipotle. You guys wanna come?"
2)The lady was selling chipotle peppers.
by killerfiller January 24, 2006
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An orgasm in your mouth. Chipotle has burritos, quasadillas, and all that jazz. they fill up that burrito with amazingly delicious ingridients that keep you full all day. They also give you free drinks if your a student. They charge a little extra for guacamole though, psh. bitches.
Person 1: dude i'm fucking starving.
person 2: Chipotle. It'll keep you full till tomorrow.


person 1: i'm tired of taco bell. it tastes like diahrrea.
person 2: psh, chipotle won't dissapoint.
by lalallaalal July 23, 2009
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A dried, smoked ripe (red) jalapeño pepper. From Nahuatl xipotli.
Ever had chicken enchiladas with chipotle sauce?
by LudwigVan February 22, 2004
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1) Fast food Mexican restaurant in America
2) To Chipotle = to take a massive dump, also the emphasis is on the last part of word, sounding like Chipotlë.
2) I really need to Chipotle, I hope there is a Starbucks nearby.
2) Chipotlë!

2) I just Chipotlëd a bit in my pants
by JoeTheChip October 10, 2015
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A Hispanic food restaurant whose slogan should be:

"The most delicious laxative!"
Bobby: "Aw man, I've been having constipation for the past few weeks..."
Joe: "Here, have some Chipotle!"
Bobby: "How would that help?"
Joe: "It's the 'Most Delicious Laxative (tm)!"
by DefinitionOfFunny June 11, 2016
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