Caramba is a common word used for expressing positive/negative reaction to an event. It's used mainly by people of Latin America (Mexico&Colombia that I know of) but in Portugal as well.

Is used frequently combined with Ay (see examples).

If a translation has to be given, the most proper would be "gee" or "om my god". There is also an opinion which states that caramba is "the nice way to say" carajo,which is used like the slang shit!.
-Ay Caramba!Estos americanos son tan gordos como mi mama!
-Ay Caramba!Those Americans are so fat as my mother.
(apparently the speaker has a fat mother)

-Caramba!Que guapa que estas mamasita!
-Caramba!You're very beautiful mamasita!

by Puffito December 5, 2007
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Most folks, Gringos and Latinos alike, believe that "caramba," ordinarily used as in "Ay! Caramba!" is a euphemism for "Oh, Shit!" but actually "caramba" is what is called a "minced oath" for "carajo," which translates into English as "penis."

Don't believe me? Check out the Wikipedia page for "Minced Oath" and see for yourself. Not that Wikipedia ia always correct, of course, but you make up your own mind. And taking the euphemistic process to even another level, some hispanic people exclaim, "Ay! Chihuahua!" which might seem to be a further abstraction from "penis," but when you think of a chihuahua dog as being long and hairless with wrinkled skin, well...I leave that to you as well.
I say "Ay! Caramba!" because I feel like swearing, and this is more polite than saying, "Oh, dick!"
by Dr Whosis December 7, 2009
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a Spanish expression that is the equivalent of "FUCK!" and/or "SHIT!".

<<note:It is actually a very handy word when you can't curse in English since everyone will think you're a foul-mouthed bunghole. Instead, use this word and people either MIGHT be impressed with your Spanish or look at you as if you've gone ga-ga & have no fucking idea what you've just said....OR be a subject of ridicule if you're saying this word around a bunch of Spanish-speaking people.>>
<jose:>Ay caramba! Tu padre esta un maricon hijo de puta?!

<pedro>:NO MIERDA!


<1.>:OH FUCK! Your dad is a gay-ass son of a bitch?!

<2.>: No shit!
by The Mike November 24, 2004
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A Caramba is another word for a person of latin decent.
Juan is a caramba.
Taquisha is a caramba.
You are a caramba.
by max69 May 8, 2007
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"Ay" - "Ouch!" or "Ahhh!"
"Caramba" - "Good Greif!" or "Damn It!"
!Ay Caramba! What now?
by anonymous4567 July 16, 2006
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The deft sexual act of using one’s eye lashes as a french tickler on your partner’s anus, invariably ending in pink eye for it’s practitioner.
I ain’t about that vanilla ass sex anymore, you can’t just tongue punch dirtstars. You gotta commit and hit that bitch with the eye caramba!
by Spumoni September 30, 2018
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Very famous expression meaning "damn it "

also very famous amongst simpsons watchers

as long as it is Bart's first words.
AY Caramba!! That's a big one !
by Bartsimps March 28, 2017
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