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A swelling of the ankle and lower calf so as to obliterate the normal tapered boundary between the two. While it may be simply be deposition of adipose tissue (fat), or even excessive standing, in some cases the cankle may represent a symptom of kidney disease or even congestive heart failure, in that the swelling could be caused by excessive fluid retention in the lower leg which the failing heart is unable to pump uphill or the kidneys are unable to excrete into the urine.

While the term is ordinarily used in a sexist manner to insult a woman's beauty, cankles may represent more than a mere cosmetic problem, but actually a dangerous situation calling for evfaluation by a physician.
The middle-aged woman was so ashamed of her cankle(s) that she had long worn long dresses to obscure them but, later, only after she had been hospitalized with severe kidney and heart disease, did her family realize that the cankle(s) were an early sign of her illness.
by Dr Whosis October 12, 2009
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Most folks, Gringos and Latinos alike, believe that "caramba," ordinarily used as in "Ay! Caramba!" is a euphemism for "Oh, Shit!" but actually "caramba" is what is called a "minced oath" for "carajo," which translates into English as "penis."

Don't believe me? Check out the Wikipedia page for "Minced Oath" and see for yourself. Not that Wikipedia ia always correct, of course, but you make up your own mind. And taking the euphemistic process to even another level, some hispanic people exclaim, "Ay! Chihuahua!" which might seem to be a further abstraction from "penis," but when you think of a chihuahua dog as being long and hairless with wrinkled skin, well...I leave that to you as well.
I say "Ay! Caramba!" because I feel like swearing, and this is more polite than saying, "Oh, dick!"
by Dr Whosis December 7, 2009
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a. John Adams (1735-1826) 2nd president of the United States, he helped establish the primacy of the voter when he left office upon the election of an opponent of a rival political party (Jefferson); helped persuade the Continental Congress to adopt the Declaration of Independence; and understood the importance of a strong navy long before other American leaders. But he was often personally offensive and, further, pushed the Alien & Sedition Acts, making it a crime to criticize the president.

b. John Coolidge Adams (1947- ) a minimalist American composer, won the Pulitzer Prize for his choral work based on the 9/11 destruction of the World Trade Center, "On the Transmigration of Souls." A composer of operas, he is most widely known for his minimalist opera "Nixon in China."

c. John Couch Adams (1819–1892), a British mathematician and astronomer, predicted the existence of the planet Neptune, solely on the basis of mathematics and the laws of Newton and Kepler. The Royal Astronomical Society later awarded him its Gold Medal.

d. John Quincy Adams (1767–1848) 6th president of the United States and son of the 2nd, distinguished himself as an early opponent of slavery. But he was a one-term president, having entered office under the cloud of a shady bargain involving the electoral college. He died of a stroke while serving in Congress, in the same room as the young Abraham Lincoln who, unfortunately, had never the time to know and learn from him.
He's smart and offensive, a regular John Adams!
by Dr Whosis December 12, 2009
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Johannelund, in West Stockholm, Sweden is a station on the Green Rail municipal commuter system.

This municipal railway system was, interestingly, started in 1941, the very same year that some other European railway systems were being bombed out of existence. Doubtless, the tax base that financed this particular railway was likely derived from funds obtained from trading with various warring powers (no need to mention specific countries, is there?).
In the late 20th and early 21st Centuries, a sometimes heated dialogue has emerged in Sweden about the country's former blindness to the midcentury crimes of the Nazis; members of both sides of this dialogue have ridden the Green Rail system, stopping, perhaps, at the Johannelund station, quite possibly unaware of how the funds for the railway system had been originally generated.
In all fairness to the Swedes, nonetheless, it should be pointed out that their country's attitude towards the Nazis was often influenced by the vulnerability of their geographical location. At times in the 1940s, Sweden was completely surrounded by German-controlled countries and, as such, could have been invaded at the drop of ein Stahlhelm (Ger: steel helmut).
by Dr Whosis December 12, 2009
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I once heard the late George Carlin at a live performance reel off hundreds of witty slang synonyms for masturbation, but his final entry, and the punchline for his entire performance, was,

"Crowning the King."

I thought it was the funniest.
Queen Elizabeth II: Prince Andrew! Prince Andrew! How much longer are you going to be in there?

Prince Andrew: Just a little while longer, Grand Mum.

Queen Elizabeth II: Prince Andrew! You are not endevouring to masturbate in there, are you?

Prince Andrew: Of course not, Grand Mum--I'm Crowning the King!
by Dr Whosis December 20, 2009
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Asserting that due to having run out of regular toilet paper, one has been reduced to ripping (the virtual) pages out of the Urban Dictionary to wipe one's behind with after defecating.

(An absurdist but wry way of deflecting an insult about one's hygiene, neither admitting the charge nor getting into an unnecessary fight.)
Outta cash, bro. Been urban wiping.
by Dr Whosis December 8, 2010
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1. The shakuhachi (しゃくはち) is a Japanese flute made out of a hollow length of, most frequently, bamboo, with five holes for fingering, creating musical notes based on the pentonic scale.

But the lovely, haunting sound produced by a master player of the the instrument is caused by blowing across a chamfered cut at the mouthpiece, called a fipple. Many beautiful tones may be coaxed out of such a flute, but extraordinary skill in use of the lips and tongue is necessary, as well as relaxation of of the throat muscles to widen the air passage is necessary.

It may be because of this great skill in applying lips and tongue to the mouthpiece, as well as the ability to widen the air column in the throat, that the second, slang, use of the word has come about.

2. "shakuhachi" (しゃくはち) is slang term in Japanese for fellatio.
"I just heard the band Autumn Tears play 'At a Distance' from their Eclipse album, using a shakuhachi Japanese flute. It was hauntingly beautiful."

"If it was as beautiful as you say, then I'll bet that some of the groupies in the audience showed their appreciation by giving the band shakuhachis after the show."

"But if the concert was over and they already played it, why would they need a groupie to give them another one afterwards?"

"Just skip it
by Dr Whosis December 14, 2010
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