Spanish sayin for when you are shocked at somethin or taken by suprise
Aye caramba your lady got a fat booty
by Cheezy0013 February 06, 2016
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"He was not match for my two years of Spanish in middle school."
Tommy: Oh, my autosprint was off.
by ChinBoi72 April 17, 2021
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Italian Slang word used to talk about Carabinieri (italian police force).
Usually in a bad way.
“Those pieces of shit Caramba took all my fumo
by simoo_._ December 08, 2021
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Another word to define police(Carabinieri) in Italy
Ci sono i caramba alla porta ,
( There’s police knocking on the door)
by Flakckoo May 15, 2018
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Very different to the commonly mistaken for Ay Caramba which is a Spanish interjection.

Another word for someone to engage in intercourse.
by DavidlIkesliv December 13, 2020
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