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"Ay" - "Ouch!" or "Ahhh!"
"Caramba" - "Good Greif!" or "Damn It!"
!Ay Caramba! What now?
by anonymous4567 July 16, 2006
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Hebrew for Song or Poem. They are the best friends anyone can have; Loyal and Sweet. Funny, even if no one else understands her humor. Can light up the room. Smart and Artistic. Shiras care about their grades, and do the right thing. Shiras listen to there parents, a rare quality. Keep promises, Tell Secrets, And Stay Loyal No Matter The Distance.
Girl: Gosh. I wish I was friends with Shira.

Girl #2: Ya, she's got it all together.

Guy: Did you see Shiras drawing?
Guy #2: Ya, it's amazing, just like her.
by anonymous4567 January 7, 2014
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