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a Spanish expression that is the equivalent of "FUCK!" and/or "SHIT!".

<<note:It is actually a very handy word when you can't curse in English since everyone will think you're a foul-mouthed bunghole. Instead, use this word and people either MIGHT be impressed with your Spanish or look at you as if you've gone ga-ga & have no fucking idea what you've just said....OR be a subject of ridicule if you're saying this word around a bunch of Spanish-speaking people.>>
<jose:>Ay caramba! Tu padre esta un maricon hijo de puta?!

<pedro>:NO MIERDA!


<1.>:OH FUCK! Your dad is a gay-ass son of a bitch?!

<2.>: No shit!
by The Mike November 23, 2004
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kick ass hardcore band with a political agenda against president bush
Boy Sets Fire is a kick ass band
by The Mike April 17, 2005
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