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The deft sexual act of using one’s eye lashes as a french tickler on your partner’s anus, invariably ending in pink eye for it’s practitioner.
I ain’t about that vanilla ass sex anymore, you can’t just tongue punch dirtstars. You gotta commit and hit that bitch with the eye caramba!
by Spumoni September 29, 2018
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When the randomly hot person from the Midwest sneaks a corn-finger finger up the back door without any forewarning mid-fellatio, knowing full well you’re a bootyhole virgin.
You know, I really thought I liked her but then she hit me with the Minnesota Knuckle, and now I’m not sure what to think!
by Spumoni September 10, 2021
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When you stack three people of Mongolian descent upon one another in the nude and proceed to lick their various generals and assholes all the way up.
Dude. Last night was wild, I climbed the Mongolian steps!
by Spumoni September 10, 2021
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Smegma, body cheese, or any other fowl, reeking, ooze collected upon a body from lack of personal hygiene
Guy no.1 “fuck man, what’s that funk?”

Guy no.2 “Todd hasn’t showered in like a week, ya boy’s brewin a mean bowl of body chowder
by Spumoni June 11, 2018
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Oh man, this could take a while, I might as well make a shatus update.
by Spumoni April 22, 2010
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Someone who eats a plant based diet based off the food of the animal they are eating.
Oh, no, I didn’t say I was a vegan, I said I was a vicarious vegan. My steak is grass fed. I’m plant based through his diet
by Spumoni November 4, 2020
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