An act wherein a group of friends are invited to hide in a closet and videotape an unsupecting female having intercourse with owner of said closet.
"You guys wanna come over tonight and closet caper this chick"?
by DJ Jason March 26, 2005
a sexual experience with an hot chick "cricket" that is not your wife or girlfriend. usualy a whore, stripper, or just a chick at the club
"we're goin out clubin tonight, im lookin for a cricket caper for the night"
by iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii October 29, 2007
i got mad at the cheat
for screwin up the jumble caper
hope i dont see his name in the paper
in the obituaries
cause that would mean he is dead
the cheat is not dead
I'm so glad the cheat is not dead
No, the cheat, Im just interested in the jumbles, THE JUMBLES!
by smiling sunshine April 2, 2003
Australian slang for a white woman, tanning nude, face up.
"Aw mate, we're going to the beach today to look for some white capers."
by R.P.M. November 7, 2005
Monkey capers are the worst type of caper which is used to a bad or shady action you are about to commit.
Intars: cor dordy you see the way I robbed them beers from morrisons
Liam: Yh chavi that was some monkey capers
by Mcfeeny10 April 28, 2020
a humerous phrase to describe the acts of a rugmuncher or lesbian. carpet refers to the 'rug' in rugmuncher.
look lady, your a smelly pirate-hooker, i don't wanna hear about your carpet capers with yo mamma.
by baillie July 22, 2005
Retarded yuppy grocery store. Filled with incomptent staff and overpriced items. Waiting in line for 20 minutes at the Deli is a regular occurence. With food that is sometimes dirtier than an illegal immigrant working the streets of Main and Hastings, this place must be avoided.
I'm a gonna put on my Lululemon pants and shirt and pay a visit to Capers Kitsilano and spend $100 on a piece of brocolli.
by ColonelSanders August 20, 2005