Small black salty balls that are slightly salty, and are grown in the mediterranean area. They taste awful
Damn! My Sicilian Pizza Got Capers on it!
by Raddichio February 15, 2005
An event that would involve more effort than you are willing to give
I can't be arsed to do that. It's just too much of a caper.
by Ronnie February 13, 2004
A testicle from the world's smallest mammal, Craseonycteris thonglongyai. Capers are only gathered under a blue moon from the hours of midnight to 2 AM. Although Capers originate in Thailand from the Kitti's hog-nosed bat, they are shipped worldwide and marketed as a delicacy. (Do not confuse with dingleberry.)
The capers on my $45 flatbread dish were pickled in a brine solution.
by Doyouknowwhatyouareeating July 19, 2018
*Marty just knocked Stevie's cheeky nandos out of his hands, shouting "Up The Peelers".
"You can't be at that caper, Marty, you dick."
by AreyaShaw94 August 26, 2015
The first aquatic level in the 1994 Nintendo/Rareware classic Donkey Kong Country (SNES). This level contains an instrumental track, Aquatic Ambience, which became somewhat of a well known track to videogamers after the game's release.
If you haven't gotten to Coral Capers yet, Donkey Kong Country may not be a game for you.
by DKC August 7, 2006