A term used to describe businesses that are managers by insecure assholes who believe that standing in a store and waiting for their food product to be prepared is "pressuring their workers".
I was at maccas yesterday waiting for my order and the manager came out, accusing me of pressuring his staff by just standing there and looking at things. When I said I wasn't he then disagreed with me and made a whole song and dance about it. It was such a pizza capers moment....
by Rtard41 June 9, 2021
The loose piece of toilet paper that often floats up out of the bottom or throat of the toilet. This is usually cause by too many things being swallowed by the Toilet Monster at one time. Looks kind of like a ghost.
The Toilet Monster was full after my serious two flush mega casper-the-friendly-compost, infinite-firehose, shit. So it puked back up a Cottonelle Caper for the dog to play with.
by EmailinaTHeArNer May 20, 2011
I told him Tracy Lynn used to be a mom and his eyes almost popped out of his head. xD
A sexy chiropractor named Capers Zentmeyer. He'll wear penny loafers on the job and turn his hat sideways and fuck my pussy until I bleed in the sheets. ;)
by kcsknowsbest February 6, 2022