"are we going clubin' tonight?"

my girlfriend went clubin without me last night.
by oneMOM87 August 18, 2011
Clubine refers to a last name. People with the last name Clubine are usually very gifted. Clubines are geniuses with a great personality. Everyone should have a Clubine as a best friend.
by YYYEEETTT January 5, 2018
1.) Someone who is raped by Captain Clube, is unwillingly touched by the Clubinator, and/or is the bitch in any sexual intercourse by the man himself.

2.) Any defensive basketball player that, while guarding Clubine, is scored on and is later executed for his negligence of the game of basketball
Dude, you totally just got clubinated. You should go check if you have herpes now.

by Jabara June 20, 2006