A term used to describe businesses that are managers by insecure assholes who believe that standing in a store and waiting for their food product to be prepared is "pressuring their workers".
I was at maccas yesterday waiting for my order and the manager came out, accusing me of pressuring his staff by just standing there and looking at things. When I said I wasn't he then disagreed with me and made a whole song and dance about it. It was such a pizza capers moment....
by Rtard41 June 9, 2021
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Christopher Capers Is The Greatest Inflammation Of A Mathematics Teacher He Give Hope And A Belief Of Christ Jesus
by #Lawceyana Cris June 6, 2021
The bud of a bush that grows under water, in and around the Mediterranean region. This bud is used to flavor dishes around the world. They are found near coral reefs, so we need our reefs to stay healthy!
by caperbot12 January 24, 2020
A flower bud that’s found primarily in the Mediterranean region. They grow in the ocean, mostly around coral reefs. Because of global warming and the shrinking/death of the coral reefs around the world, capers are considered endangered. The ocean gives them their salty flavor. Next time you eat capers, think about saving the ocean.
Girl: Damn these are some salty capers! Where’d they come from, the ocean?

Boy: Actually, yes! They’re grown on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea!
by caperbot12 January 24, 2020
She is an amazing person with a great attitude sometimes. She won't take any shit from anyone. She is the most interesting girl you will ever meet, she has big a big smile. The best friend you will ever have if your as popular as she is. Even though sometimes you may feel she is a backstabbing bitch, she can still be a very nice person .
Person 1: “There goes Caper”
Person 2: “yup
by A forgetful person January 28, 2019
Up the caper on em & took all his chain.
by Savagedee August 28, 2018
He gonna pop my back if you know what I mean. LOL
Capers gonna get Jesse, the BDSM stripper, to step on my back
by ElectraHerz February 2, 2022