a one word question , used when one wishes to be informed with what another persons general plans are for the near future.
caper is often answered just as vaguely as the question itself.
Q. caper?
A. Jack.

Q. caper?
A. chillin.
by jimhend March 31, 2003
someone who wears clothes that don't match at all
that bitch is a damn caper
by Deming April 14, 2008
to rob somebody for something he got that you want to make a livin
imma catch diz capers up here in da cut
by LOX March 1, 2003
Flowering bud of the keisha bush, used in fancy cooking.
Fresh salmon with lemon caper garlic sauce.
by MikelMikel February 16, 2005
The capers on my sandwich gave me explosive diarrhea which resulted in numerous dingleberries that I pickled in brine to serve with elegant dinners.
by hemorrhagicfervor June 15, 2010
A flashy white boy with a hostile attitude towards authority, vanilla scented candles, and non-carbonated beverages.
e.g. Ryan Capers

Hey "Capers".
by Capers, Ryan September 27, 2004