Older slang defining some sort of shady activity; usually illegal. shenanigans.
So tell us out the caper, boss.
by taylor October 4, 2003
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Ay son i just pulled this caper on this white boy.
by polo88 July 17, 2006
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a person proud to be from the Island of Cape Breton Canada
Boy that Caper knows how to drink!
by crosB March 17, 2006
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A term used to represent the general populetion of Cape Breton residents. Not to be confused with a newfie, whom can ONLY reside in newfoundland. This term most likely will elude that the person in question is a drunk, a hil-billy, and a bum.
"Oh ya, bi, i was dar at the club downtown on Charlotte Street wan the cups pulled up and stole muh beer, dey hate us capers, bi. No raspect!"
by MeghanM June 11, 2006
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straight up pimp status mainly used to discribe ones extreeme skill in activities such as drugs , theft and even games
ahhh man that guy is such a sir caper
by bombdizzle January 24, 2005
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Ones occupation, profession or pursuit. Semi degrading.
Whats his caper.
by div June 1, 2004
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adjective, used to describe a person who belongs to a subculture where capes are acceptable clothing. Hard core fans of Star Trek, role playing games such as Magic the Gathering, science fiction, comic books, Star Wars, and pagans, goths, polyamorous, and others who would wear a cape without irony. Although goths are different from Star Trek convention-goers at first glance, upon close inspection there are many geeky/counterculture/loner similarities and many shared interests among all capers. "Caper" is a convienent one-word sum up of all such subcultures. Most often, capers travel in a flock. Lone capers often go unnoticed, due to their passive body language and quick flight into solitude or assimilation back into the flock.
On Saturday night, the mall is caper zone.
The new girl is nice, but you can tell by looking at her that she's a huge caper.
The campus pagan club is a great place to meet fellow capers.
by Christine Hanna December 4, 2005
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