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the romany gypsy word 4 child
romany gypsy women-'get dat chavi inside now!'
romany gypsy man-'wotcha' say?'
by x chavvy luva x October 28, 2004
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hilarious person who takes up too much space on the couch and/or invades personal bubbles and uses smokeless tobacco. dudes want to be him, and girls want to be with him.
Man, that guy is so chavis.
Quit being a chavis.
Don't chavis me.
What the chavis?
by mefdgvsdfhtydkytfu February 02, 2009
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-ADJ.- the act of destroying a public bathroom by means of violently explosive diarreah. This can only be properly accomplished, while a large group of people also are within the general area. The surrounding parties will experience and enjoy the ensuing machine gun fire sound effects, followed by the gut wrenching smell that comes with it.
Man, you do not want to go in there. Some dude just Chavis'd that place. It's a war zone in there.
by sturdy 13 March 01, 2010
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A female with brown hair who accepts the fact she is vertically challenged. Usually an annoyance and lowers the IQ of human within a 3 foot radius. Can be usually found falling off diving boards or studying.
Hey, that was a sucky dive.. uh- whats your nane?

by TheTrollinator April 10, 2012
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