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a noise made by blowing air out ones mouth and allowing ones lips to flap making a raspberry or whoopie cushion noise
i blurted at a baby on the tram today, his mum and the other passengers thought i was odd but me and the little guy knew it was funny.
by div April 10, 2007
revolutionary tea containing used bongwater invented at Brown St Newcastle Australia. Allows people that cant smoke to get stoned, wihout needing to shell out for any weed.
"Hey Huw, dirnk this bong water tea I made."
"How does it taste?"
"Are you stoned?"
"Ahh.. Yeah!"
by div November 12, 2004
Ones occupation, profession or pursuit. Semi degrading.
Whats his caper.
by div June 1, 2004
a playful way of saying naked. which prolly means your bein playful..which involves mouths, hands, and those parts of you are exposed thus makin you naked
hey sunshine. lets get nekkid *nudge nudge wink wink*
by div February 9, 2004
no your all wrong..penguins taste like penguins..they only taste of babys when roasted WITH baby's..geebus
mmmm penguinbaby stew
by div February 10, 2004
Form of entertainment (typically film/theatrical) made by and/or featuring mentally and/or physically handicapped persons for the purpose of promoting cultural values of mentally and/or physically handicapped persons.

Also any joke made at the expense of a spastic.
"I think Freaks has to be the original example of spaxploitation in modern culture"
"Yeah whatever u christopher reeve"
by div March 30, 2004
(1) A cross-eyed blonde pop singer, whose music resembles various other cheesy pop crap, although self-proclaimed to be unique. Also does a pathetic job of "dancing" (2) Acts like a famous A-list celebrity when she is no where near such status. (3)Tries too hard to fit the 'bad girl, sexpot' stereotype. (4) Tries to appear as a strong, sexually powerful woman yet comes off only as easy and sleazy. (5) Dated Nick Carter, supposedly abused him, stole his possessions, and used him to acquire a record contract.
Omg I am like soooooooo bad!!! My music is tha shit and anyone who disagrees is just jealous and lacks self confidence!! I AM WILLA HEAR ME ROAR
by div December 30, 2004