Placing the scrotum and testicals if a man into the eye sockets and shaking your head. If done correctly will result in an erection atop the forehead like a canoe paddle. Simular to motor boating a woman's breast or dragon boating another man's anus.
Hey babe, wanna go canoeing this weekend?
by Dirty Panda March 07, 2014
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like titty fuck but you put the penis in between the woman's breast, or on a guy's chest, and play with the breast against the penis like the penis is a canoe going white water rafting
steve: what did you and mary do last night?

robert: she wanted to titty fuck but I went canoeing on her instead
by myty399 March 14, 2012
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1. When a joint burns faster on one side. Can be quickly remedied by saliva on the finger and well placed tapping.

Person:Dude, this shit is totally canoeing!

Person 2:It's cool, I got it (Spits on finger and taps out fast burn).

by Scott Garrett July 20, 2006

2. The act of being a douche canoe.
P1: You haven't hung out with me in weeks!
P2: That's because I don't like you anymore...
P3: Wow, now your canoeing.
by Dylan_Madigan September 15, 2014
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When you are smoking a joint, blunt, cig etc. and the ember starts to just move down the side of it.
"Dude, spin the blunt when you hit it, it's canoeing."
by jay17305 May 25, 2016
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A sexual position with three people. A Man lays down and two women climb on, like riding a canoe. One rides the waist, the penis...and one rides the face, the tongue.
We had a threesome last night and the other girl and I went canoeing on him!
by BigJimRabbitt May 15, 2018
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