A place where dead celebrities (mostly rappers) go.
Tupac faked his death and went to Cuba.
by Homoisgay October 1, 2018
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Spain, African, and Chinese
creating the most diverse racial tone and slang language, music, politics, intruments, etc.

Cuban to me it means multi-racial of many talent.

next to alot of other beautiful countrys of the caribbean and those who are not.

Tight country i'm proud to be C.CAN
Tight Country. etc... I mean Playa de Varadero, Old Havana, Valle de Yumuri, Villa Clara, Santiago de Cuba. dale
by Erick Mendez November 9, 2004
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A beautiful island country just off the coast of Florida. Formerly led by President Fidel Castro who has since retired and passed the torch to his brother Raul. One of the few Communist countries left that still thrives. An embargo against Cuba has existed for over 30 years. Many people like to believe that the embargo exists because Cuba aligned themselves with the Soviet Union. However the embargo exists because Castro nationalized all business in Cuba and this kicked out American businesses such as Casinos, most of which were run by Organized Crime Syndicates. This pissed off the wrong people and went all the way up the ladder. So thank the government that you can't travel to and enjoy this beautiful and diverse country.
Guy #1: Cuba is an evil communist country that wants to destroy America.

Guy #2: No, Cuba is a diverse communist country that has been oppressed by America.
by hey buddy jay June 11, 2008
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A small, under appreciated farming town in central Illinois. Its population is about 1,400 and it has no stoplights.
You: Have you ever heard of Cuba?
Friend: The country?
You: ...the town.
Friend: No.
by Howlzer September 5, 2013
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Cuba. an example to all of latin america!
Cuba is a country that acheived it's independance through the acts of a few brave soldiers that respected all cubanos for people, and understood that blacks were not just good slaves as europeans saw them, but decent human beings who deserved equality. Cuba used a socialist/communist system of governance which, during the cold war, the USA saw as a threat of example to the rest of latin america. the USA, for decades has wanted to use the entire central and south american continents as an outpost of cheap labour. Cuba signified, and showed the route to an independant Latin american nation, governed by the people, with issues that are directly relevant to the population.


Latin America has an ability to be a economical powerhouse, through VEnezuelas oil reserves, argentina's experience with manufacturing, and agriculture, Chiles natural resources Bolivias gas, Brazils size etc etc.

by ozzy213 December 18, 2005
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A once-beautiful country lead by Fidel Castro, a corrupt fascist dictator. Foreign tourists are welcomed warmly by the regime, and there are several nice tourist spots in Cuba where Cuban citizens are not allowed to go. It is 70 miles southeast of Miami, and the US sees this as a threat, even though the Soviet Union was only a few miles west of Alaska.
Fidel Castro supported Iraq's Ba'athist regime by sending Cuban cigars to Saddam.

The only way to go to Cuba is to take a flight from Cancun to Havana in some old Russian two-prop plane.
by Victor September 20, 2004
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a country in the caribian.which is 90 miles away from key west florida its capital is Havana and its natinal anthem is "La Bayamesa"which means the Bayamo song in english..it use to be a torrist atraction in the 20-40s and 50s until Fedel Castro gained political control and became its dictator.
my mom was born in guantanamo Cuba.
by Alexa corsova July 7, 2005
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