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Cuban slang for an old person with white hair, referring to the sugar color of their hair. Can be used to describe a man or a woman. If used to describe an old man, may also refer to his background as a cane-cutter in Cuba. Especially heard to describe old Cubans around Miami. Somewhat disrespectful when referring to older persons, but acceptable in referring to former cane-cutters.
Yo, Cano, did you used to cut cane in the cane fields. Yo, viejo (old person) I'm talking to you, are you deaf?
by July 13, 2009
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A slang term for a cozy pair of shoes. Shoes that are particularly comfortable, are refered to as "Canoes" because you glide in them like you're floating down a river. On a par with calling your car a "Sled."
Man, these work boots are aching me something fierce. I can't wait to get home and slip on my canoes.
by bigdanshooter November 02, 2010
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An incredibley strong male used in the destruction of motor vechiles (mainly cars), with the use of his bare fists
I needed my car crushed, so i went to get Cano
by Gooch Sweat June 29, 2009
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