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Abbreviation for 'congratulations'
"Jon, congrats on the RC job"
by Andy Tiger May 25, 2005
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short for wordCongratulations/word
Person 1: I'm getting hitched soon
Person 2: Congrats dude
by The-Doc October 22, 2003
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An abbreviation of congratulations which almost everyone uses and due to that, they forget about congratulations.
Most people write congrats because they don’t know the spelling of congratulations.
by Pleasedontdothat888 February 19, 2020
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Used to congratulate someone on a mediocre achievement.

One single congratulation as though what someone did was cool, but not worth some celebration.
congratulation on learning to spell onomatopoeia.

ooh looks like you got 1 full side on that Rubix Cube... congrat bro.
by Jahcasian April 13, 2011
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Congrats is a term used to sarcastically congratulate someone on an achievement, such as atrocious behavior, a hideous style of clothing, or the amount of likes someone receives on an Instagram or Facebook photo which they probably paid people to like. "Congrats" is another way of telling someone that they are a fuck.
Girl 1: I'm having a party, but you're not invited.
Girl 2: Congrats!

*Girl walks by in high-waisted shorts*
Guy: Congrats on your high-waisted shorts that don't even cover your ass!

*Scrolling through a girl's Instagram or Facebook newsfeed*
Girl 1: Congrats on your 100 likes on your photo!
Girl 2: Congrats on your pounds of makeup!
by chigirl_ January 27, 2014
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