Adorable people. Whatever you do to them, you don't feel bad.
Comment on you average hitman:

I love hitmen. Whatever you do to them, you don't feel bad.

- Marv (Mickey Rourke) in Sin City (dirs. Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, 2005).
by Fearman November 6, 2007
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A hockey team based out of Hopewell Township, PA. They were founded in the Spring of 2009 and have played most seasons since then at Mt. Nebo, PA. Although frequently fucked over by the refereeing there, they are a very perseverant club that constantly strive to bring glory back to the sad Hopewell area. They are currently seeking a Mt. Nebo Championship. Their friendly rivals are the Crescent Tiger Vikings. Their legend expands by the day and soon shall be a global phenomenon.
Did you go to the Hopewell Hitmen game last night?
Yeah dude it was crazy!
by HopewellHitmenCaptain42 April 7, 2010
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A group of talented and notorious DJs and producers from around the world. You can find them in your local clubs, on your local radio stations, and on your local website.
The NY Hitmen dropped another hit.

This Saturday the NY Hitmen will be at Pacha in NYC.
by Jo Flash of The NY Hitmen September 13, 2009
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