This is one of the greatest subway cars built for the NYCTA. These fuckers are fast as all hell. Rebuilt in Phase I, Phase II and GE configurations, these shits will tear up the A, C, J/Z lines.
The MTA are fucking imbeciles for retiring the R32 Phase IIs and GE rebuilds.
by R33WFGOH9307 October 15, 2016
Version of Volkswagen Golf, limited edition, only 5000 made. Sport tuned engine and suspension, other stuff like that. Came out at the end of the last body style for the Golf. Cool blue gauges and what nots.
Your Lancer may be faster but I can put 5 people and a german shepherd in my R32 comfortably.
by YarMobile June 3, 2006
Volkswagen's ultimate golf hatchback. All Wheel Drive, 3.2 liter VR6 engine. Pimp status supreme of hatchbacks.
I was gettin' sideways in my Golf R32 yesterday..
by Andy D. June 12, 2006
Commonly mistaken as a car this is a monster on 4 wheels. Unlike its ridiculous competitors (** chuckles about the thought that something can even be considered on the same level as a R32**) it has quality so fine that the messiah "Barack Obama" would be impressed. With a VR6 under the hood and upgraded exhaust this monster screams so loud there have been reports that in a drag race all other cars glass breaks. This causes the opposing driver to stop do to severe bleeding caused by glass wounds. Although originally intended to be a car it is clear that this is far form that.
German 1: Did you hear about the new power output scale for cars?
German 2: Yes of course I did the R32 had more power then the current scale could register.
German 3: It isn't a car its a monster!
by r32 dah April 21, 2011
that R32 was so sexy, I think i came.
by Dani! ♡ January 17, 2021
A very slow and unsatisfying experience
This is like riding in a golf mk4 r32
by Bagged rice May 12, 2018
The Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R. Probably the most dominant sports car ever made. When it came into production in 1989, it blew the doors off anything it encountered. It was so fast in Group A touring car racing, that it was actually banned because nothing on the track could beat it. Its AWD system at the time was revolutionary (named ATTESTA-ETS), and worked in a similar way as the Porche 959's AWD system. Even though it is 15 years old, it will mop the floor with almost anything it comes into contact with today. These cars can now be bought in Canada legally for ~$15000 CAD to your door (~$12000 USD).
I got my ass kicked by that Skyline R32 GT-R.
by soothsayer November 8, 2004