the natures way of saying "for god's sake open a window"
man i ate some baked beans and a shit load of steak. my ass rippings were loud and pungent!
by vermilion123 February 12, 2007
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A very popular dish in england often partaken on toast however i personally am not a fan of this substance and think it tastes rank
by ogaiy June 18, 2003
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The term baked beans means to do be rolling on be rolling balls
We're gonna have baked beans tonight! YES!
You guys want some baked beans tonight, we can pick some up on the way home.
by banana July 7, 2004
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- Noun

A delicious, nutritious and convenient food consisting of cooked navy beans in a sauce. Often sold in tins that, when full, can also be used as weapons which people's skulls can be smashed open with.

- Verb

The act of caving in a wanker's skull with the vigorous application of a tin of baked beans against their head.
Jason waxed wrathful when it emerged that someone had stolen some of his precious baked beans tins

Michael's head exploded in a shower of brain juices as Charles, leaping off a nearby fencepost with a fierce screeching, baked beansed him forcefully over the back of his head
by Charlemagne1993 August 9, 2017
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Delicious English delicacy often bringing about flactulance issues.

From "baked" meaning baked and "beans" meaning beans.
Baked beans give me the most frightful wind
by monkeybob November 19, 2004
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A bean that is coated in tomato sauce. Only found once a month, and best avoided. An acquired taste.
It was only baked bean on the menu, but he tucked in anyway.
by Paul Hopwood October 14, 2006
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