Large, dual carriageway road with special status (in UK, Ireland, Australia). International equivalents: Interstate, Autobahn, autostrada. No stopping, u-turns, etc. Maximum speed limit (in UK) 70mph/110kph. In practice the police leave you alone up to 100mph/160kph. No speed cameras are allowed on ordinary motorways (eg no roadworks, or otherwise reduced speed limits). Due to poor planning and low government spending on all transport, UK motorways are notoriously congested (the busiest stretch or road in Europe, the M6 through Birmingham, has only 3 lanes each way).
Shall we take the motorway or the a-roads?
by oracle February 1, 2005
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A refference to the rectal passage way...
The dirty cunt likes to take it up the marmite motorway...
by Mark Weldon September 17, 2003
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while on the motorway passenger must give driver a blow job (road head)
you want a lift mind motorway rules are in affect
by r1thm September 4, 2020
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Chasing a hot female on the motorway to try and impress her.

If she retaliates by chasing or driving beside you this is considered "motorway sex"
Dude i was totalling having motorway sex with this MILF this morning.
by JimLadLOL June 24, 2008
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Where you pass another car and notice someone fit inside.

Once passed you move back into the same lane and casually allow your speed to reduce, enough for them to then overtake.

Once they complete the manoeuvre, you then retake said car. This is now a motorway dance and can continue to amuse both participants until you journeys diverge.
I saw a fittie driving on the motorway the other day and we did the motorway dance until the next services where u got their number.
by Northern1000 July 9, 2022
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