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A television studio production assistant who has the job of arranging the attractive females in the studio audience to ensure that they are strategically placed in the front row of the audience so as to appear in the background either side of the presenters.
In order to carry out their duties they also ensure the ugly mingers and fat males are stood at the back well out of shot.
On "Top Gear" there are always a disproportionate number of attractive females stood behind Hammond, Clarkson and May when they doing the studio links

"Get the Fanny Wrangler arranging the hot babes over by the chairs as we do the news in 3 minutes " said the producer.
by monty3945 November 7, 2012
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To set fire to ones flatulent gassy fart. Can be done alone or as a party piece. If done with a crowd of mates a competitive element may arise to see who can burn off the longest flame.
"Quick, Lend me your lighter" said Andrew, "I've been on the baked beans, sprouts and Guinness again so stand well back while I burn one off".
by monty3945 February 7, 2013
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A brief but impressive flame of burning methane gas which is created by igniting a fart.
Mickey nearly caused a riot down at the curry house last night when he burnt one off. "hey lads, hows this for a bumsen burner?" he exclaimed, lighter in hand.
by monty3945 February 7, 2013
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