A small portion of cocaine. Usually offered on a key or a pen cap lid that has a long lip, or any other instrument that can hold aforementioned portion of cocaine. Can also be used in reference to methampthetamine, though more often with cocaine. Also referred to, when using a key as a key-bump. Most often, a bump is something requested and passed between friends at bars or cantinas, and then done in a restroom stall after the go-ahead is ok'd.
Partier #1: 'Yo, man, you got another bump from that 20 bag for me? I'll buy you a beer or something later.
Partier #2: 'It's the last time, asshole, you told me you'd buy me a beer for the last bump, dick.'
Partier #1: 'Hurry up and give me one, fuck-tard, before someone walks into the fuckin' bathroom. Shitty coke anyways, dick!
by coozehound72 August 18, 2010
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v. (1) to play bass-heavy music at a disturbingly high volume; (2) to play bass-heavy music at a pleasantly high volume
(1) "Goshdarnit, Mildred, those young punks shattered our front window again. I hate it when they bump." (2) "I bump wit' mah 15s, fo' shizzle."
by sliggles April 17, 2003
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1. Bump is most generally used in order to express the meaning of the word fuck, commonly in a non sexual way. The advantage of bump is that it is considerably more pleasing and more accepted than its inappropriate synonym.
2. Bump can also be used sexually to express the meaning of fuck. To have sexual intercourse with.
3. To strike or collide with, in any way shape or form.
4. To bump off someone refers to killing them, generally in an organized crime opperation.
Paco: EHHH, Can i get a lift to the hood??
Passanger 1: Bump that, we dont give rides to drunk mexicans!
Passanger 2: Egg his ass!
Passanger 1: Nahh, lets bump him off!
by Dj Screw March 08, 2005
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To sniff lines of any drug.
1) I bumped some ketamine.

2) I bumped some cocaine.

3) I bumped some crushed pills.
by estupido April 13, 2005
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To pull off something skillfully as in a look or manner of dress
Girl, you are bumping that 'fro
by vivman May 25, 2010
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