A word that replaces fuck or fucking, typically used in school by kids to avoid getting in trouble.

I mean...Seriosly.. What can they do?
Girl: 'Eww, Look at that guys hair'

Boy: 'Bump you!'

(in front of teacher)
Guy: 'why are you so tired'
Girl: 'my parents were bumping all night and my room is right over theirs!!'
by MILF |UV3R January 26, 2010
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In pro wrestling, to fall. The most important thing a wrestler needs to know is how to bump properly.
Holy shit! Did you see the bump Mick Foley just took off the top of the cage!
by hitman3:16 February 17, 2007
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When ANYTHING is snorted (usually a small dose). Keys, match books, parlament cigarettess, fingernails, the area of the hand between the index and thumb and basically anything to "scoop" da sit are common tools

by somebody who knows September 22, 2003
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Another way to describe an STD.
Dude dont go messin with that girl I heard she's got the bumps!
by Travis May 26, 2004
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to be taken, cheated, conned, overcharged
"i had to pay Β£15 for da drink"
"what a bump"
by kimberley kass April 13, 2005
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