'To Bump' something is to snort a drug. Usually Ketamine but can be speed or coke.
To have 'A Bump' is to snort a small, conveniant amount of the above substances. Usually on the corner of a credit card or a small line snorted from your hand or otherwise.
At home: "Let's 'bump' a some fat line's of K and get into a K-Hole."
At a Club: "Here, have 'a bump' offa this bankcard."
by Diego August 18, 2003
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Verb. created in Florida meaning to fight.
"Aye look over they bout to bump" "yall aint gon bump bout it"
by shethickkkk May 22, 2014
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speakers, subs, woofers (sometimes with bad quality)
Guffey: "Hey u guys! check out muh bumps."
by Guffey December 25, 2003
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In message board terms, to reply to a topic that has become inactive, thus "bumping" the thread to the top of the thread list.
Man, this dolt bumped a thread from last year.
by coyfox December 03, 2004
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A sexual term referring to having intercourse.
Kaleigh: "Hey Dianne! Jason and I bumped all last night!"

Dianne: "That's great. I am going to go feed some cows hamburgers now."
by fondledonionrings October 08, 2010
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(1) To SNIFFF any kind of drug. You can bump anything from medicine to Coke, K to Keef, Oxy to E. It applies to all pills, and all alphabet drugs.

(2) To play any type of musiq you listening louder. To turn it up.

These people who made their own defitions for it (kokane and some other fools) claiming a bump is specifically for sniffing yay are completely wrong. DO NOT be fooled by incorrect definitions.
(1) a.) Bump that linee
b.) Hit this bump real quik
c.) Put the yay on the key and bump it

(2) a.) Bump that track up
b.) I bump this sh*t whenever it gets
play on the radio
by JAYO-FAM April 28, 2005
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The word 'bump' is often used in a forum to get more views, or in Gaia Online, to get more gold. Bumping is also a useful way to get more views in a support forum and to get more gold in Gaia Online.

Sometimes, bumps aren't allowed and you can get suspended/banned for spamming.
HonorOfTehNinja: bump

*TehPro banned HonorOfTehNinja*

(Reason: Spamming. This isn't Gaia Online, you know)
by MisaTange July 06, 2009
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