1) to snort a drug

2) listen to a song louder

3) fight
1) coke, oxy, k, etc.

2) " bump that s**t "

3) slang: " na, me and jessica finnuh bump and then squash it "
by Jackie R. April 07, 2008
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this is a short cut for the line "bringing up my post" or "bring up my post"
hey dudes,
I want more info on the subject, B.U.M.P.
by AnarkhiA November 12, 2006
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London slang north/east sides (finsbury, edmonton
v. 'to bump'
1) 'to bump off somebody' is to beg shit off them
2) noun: 'bump' a glitch, sutin unfavourable that happens to you
3) noun: 'a bump' when you paid extra for sutin you didn't have to
1): bruv, send me the zut agen aigght?
: stop tryna bump it off me, bitch-ho
2): naw bro, thats such a bump! that man jus scored when Kiraly's injured down on the floor!
3): that hoody's top bro init! i got it 30£
: fuck that, thats such a bump, i got it 50 !
by Judge Fudge January 01, 2005
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The expanding belly of a pregnant woman. Some women think it looks like the side of a bus, we do collectively need to watch that population curve, and some psychotic bible-jerkers who call themselves pro-life give the whole thing a tang of sulphur for everyone else, but despite it all, that bump remains one of the most drop-dead gorgeous sexy things in the world.
No, I'm not a creep. Can I PLLLEEEEEASE kiss your bump?
by Fearman November 26, 2007
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A game where 2 men bump dicks until one receives an erection. The man who receives the erection is considered the loser and has to perform oral sex on the other man who is the winner. BIG HOMO
The two brothers played bump and one blew the other.
by tromo9 July 20, 2010
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It seemed that her bump grew bigger by the minute in the last days of her pregnancy.
by circlesquarer June 20, 2006
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To "BUMP" someone is to be completely annoying with constantly sending (calls, text messages, pictures, notifications etc.) to someone's cell phone. Most of the time it's useless things that are not important and can just be told to that person..in person. Sometimes when you BUMP someone you can actually lock up their phone and then they have to restart it, causing them to be extremely pissed. Best advice - if someone reads your message and doesn't respond, they either have no response or its for a reason. Don't BUMP people, or else you you'll be dubbed as desperate.
John - Dude, this chick keeps bumpin' my phone, its so annoying.

Alex - She probably wants to get with you man haha
by JacktheAttack22 August 13, 2010
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