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Mooning someone while pushing your genitalia backwards toward your butt crack. Similar to a fruit salad
As the nuns drove by in the car, I gave them a bulldog.
by Stan B. January 16, 2003
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Never backing down even when the odds are against you.
The whole country thought the Butler Bulldogs would get beat first round. Look at them now final 4 baby.
by bulldog317 March 26, 2011
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Bulldog is a term used for an older man, usually 45+ years of age, that prefers the company of women at least 20 years his junior. Most encounters with bulldogs are innocent, but he will gladly bed a young women if she is willing. A bulldog should not be confused with his more popular and sexy cousin the silver fox.

Bulldogs are typically wrinkly and physically unfit, giving them a rounded physique. Most are short and stout in stature, though it is not uncommon to find a taller version. Despite their physically unattractive appearance, bulldogs have a very magnetic, charismatic, and friendly personality. It is this personality that attracts their younger partners. Of course, money helps as well. They are often described by their admirers as "cute" but rarely "handsome", "hot", or "sexy".

Bulldogs often fall prey to young women who lead them on and take advantage of their friendly nature and financial security.
Is that dude her father or her bulldog?

How does a bulldog like him pull a chick like her?

I think that bulldog over there is making eyes at you. Invite him over so he will buy us some drinks.

Man...Where are all the hot guys? All I see in here are a bunch of bulldogs.
by Nuvi March 14, 2010
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The act of puting ones balls between their legs and preceding to moon sombody.
Dude, im totally going to bull dog that car.
by Anonymous May 28, 2003
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verb(v) - to bring home an object from a bar that you paid for(or didn't pay for) as a souvenir. A reference to a New Orleans bar that allows patrons to bring home specially designed bar glasses on Wednesday nights.
The drinks were in a hour-shaped glass and $20 a piece, so I bulldogged the glass.
by B-Redddd July 30, 2011
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An older man who goes after and dates girls who are noticeable a lot younger than him.

A male version of the female cougar.
A man in his 50s dating a girl who is in her 20s or 30s would be considered a bull dog.

Guy "Nice to meet your daughter, Sir."

Boss "Shes not my daughter shes my girlfriend, moron, my daughter is 7 years older than her."
by Adam Povalli April 18, 2010
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An extremely large, beat up vagina. Usually consisting of long, wrinkly lips dripping with "saliva" cream and abnormal protruding snaggled teeth. Usually found on women with muffin tops and bat wing arms.
That chick last night wasn't bad lookin til she dropped her pants and wanted me to pet her bulldog. No way was she gettin my begging strip!
by analcunt01234 February 17, 2011
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