a lesbian. one who wears sport shirts, baggy jeans, with long hair but tightly pulled back into a pony tail. a girl who walks around like she is buffer than any guy. a tough lesbian.
by AlexanderWho? January 16, 2009
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Bulldogs(A player of league of legends also refers as OwenDaGamer) is a first class faggot, his brain is as small as his penis he likes to go around acting like he is the best shit, he is actually fucking terrible at life and league of legends his childhood was corrupted after been beaten by his dad several times, if you see him dont bother to talk back to him as you will be dick slapped in the face. He will then ask you for a 1v1 on league of legends, if you say yes hes likely to dodge it and say he got ddosed(denial of service)he's actually the most pathetic player on league of legends and a pile of garbage.
Me: Owen you suck dick 1v1 me.
BullDogs(Owendagamer): haha fucking ok then scrub
Me: Log on league Of Legends now
Owendagamer(Owendagamer): fuck you you're not even worth my time you smelly scrub.
by loluwotfat December 04, 2014
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A term used to described either a male or female who is vicious, merciless...otherwise not to be fucked around with.
Yo son, that foo is a bull dog.
by Vyxen November 23, 2004
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The act of taking a wicked shit after a long night of drinking and having the smell of it make you so sick that you have to get off the toilet and puke into the bowl, on top of the shit.
Chim-chim got so drunk on New Year's that he bulldogged it the next morning at McDonald's after breakfast
by Duke Togo October 10, 2004
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strong animal with large canines that are solely created to rip apart weak animals such as eagles
Ted: hey i got a new bulldog today, i'm gonna go put it outside so it can kill eagles
by disnigga1010101010101 November 22, 2010
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A person of limited intelligence, a retard.

Comes from a similarity in facial expressions between bulldogs and people with Downs Syndrome
What a bulldog - he wouldn't know up from down if you gave him three guesses
by pedrosanpedro July 12, 2009
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