The act or penetrating a girl from the rear (whether anally or vaginally) and grunting, much like a male bulldog would do in this situation.
"dude, i totally bulldogged that girl last night"
by anabolic August 05, 2008
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The large folds of fatty flesh which form around the under belly and/or other flabby places of the human body which resemble a bulldog puppy's face and body.
by M Bailey October 25, 2005
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A complete freak that lives in a village in Cornwall called Millbrook. Millbrook is situated across the river Tamar near the glorious city of Plymouth, England

Bull Dog is a large in-bred male who is famous for killing two people with his bare hands and for having his penis removed when inserting it into a hoover.

Bull Dog will never die and weighs well over 40 stone! His voice is very high pitched and is usually mistaken for a bat... A FAT one!
Bull Dog gets his name as he kinda resembles a bore pig??!!
by Ham-Boy January 15, 2009
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an ugly mutt with saggy cheeks and bulging eyes, often tends to suddenly lash out at unsuspecting victims
a.k.a Mrs morrison the french teacher
by random_bulldog November 03, 2003
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When a guy is drunk enough where his eyes droop, he starts drooling, and starts snorting/sniffling as a means of communication. Attention turns to food, round objects: i.e. ping pong balls, tits, and falling asleep in random places.
Man, did you see Kevin bulldogging it last night, drooling everywhere and doggy paddling that girl.
by FrizzzzzzFranz April 10, 2011
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