Parts of speech: noun, adjective.
A word that can be used in place of almost any other word; It can literally mean anything and people will understand what you mean by it.
Wow man, your friends are so baggy!

F*** you, you baggy motherf***er!

Can you get me that baggy for me?

I feel so baggy after smoking that gonj.
by JustC4llM3D4ddy April 3, 2015
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Name given to a genre of UK bands in the late 1980s who occasionally fused guitar-based '60s-style indie music with modern dance rhythms and "funky drummer" drumbeats.
Most notable baggy members were "Madchester" bands like The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, but the tag was mainly used for the slightly later bands that they influenced like Inspiral Carpets, The Charlatens, Blur (circa 'Leisure'), James (circa 'Gold Mother'), Five Thirty, The High, Flowered Up, Candy Flip and others.
Distinguishable by their lolloping, psychedelic-tinged sounds, pudding bowl haircuts and huge 21" flares (from which the name "baggy" derived), the scene lasted only a short while, roughly from 1989 to 1990, but served as a prototype to the more conventional sounds of Britpop, a few years later.
The baggy sound of 1990: British Madchester bands not from Manchester?
by dielo March 13, 2006
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A small airtight plastic-bag containing Marihuana.
Shit my mom's coming home, put the shit back in the baggy and hide it
by ninja_monkey July 4, 2006
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The best people in the world. Usually seen wearing massve baggy trousers, hence the name. 90 percent of baggy boys are sex gods. Not Rory though. Sworn enemies of chav-kind
Chav:"You baggy, get some decent clothes"
Baggy:"Fuck off you chav"
by A. Nono Mouse February 22, 2004
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Bong like device used for the smoking of cannabis.
Consists of one two litre coke bottle with the bottom cut off and replaced with a bag, and a gauze is placed in the cap hole. A bud is put in the gauze and lit while pulling the bag down to suck in the smoke. The gauze is removed and the collected smoke is inhaled with one deep breath.
by wh1plash January 30, 2004
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