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Conspicuous over-representation disproportionate to the population of racial minorities in advertising.
Who is this retailer trying to target with this advertisement full of brownwashing? You'd get the impression that ethnic minorities make up 50% of the population by watching it, when in actual fact they are only 2% of the population in this area.
by truthhurtzdonut? June 15, 2017
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Brownwashing is a casting practice in the film industry of mainly The United States in which POC actors are cast in historically non-POC character roles. The film industry has a history of frequently casting POC actors for roles involving White, non-Hispanic culture.
Hermione Granger although a fictional character she has historically perceived as a young white girl this was up until recently when a Play based on the books announced their casting of a black woman to play the roll of Germione Granger. The Brownwashing of this popular fictional white character is just a small sample of this ever growing trend in entertainment industry.
by NateBlank July 23, 2017
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When a cis white guy cites his friends and girlfriends and employees of color as proof to earn a carte blanche "I'm not a racist" card and/or to hide or justify other subtly racist behaviors.
He thinks that by brownwashing his life, he can justify voting a ticket that he thinks will advance his own potential economic situation, even though that action simulataneously endangers the basic civil liberties and physical safety of people of color, indigenous people, and vulnerable groups.
by AllAreOne February 23, 2017
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