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Pinko, PC or Bolshevik term for all non-white minorities, lumped together and viewed as cannon fodder for some revolution or voting cattle for the Democrat party. See diversity.
The speaker said, "We need to make certain that people of color are well-represented on the Board of Directors."
by octopod January 24, 2004
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A term sometimes used to describe non-white people, usually as an alternative to saying minorities. It's literally the same thing as saying "colored people", but somehow it's okay because the syntax is changed.
Joel: Hey man, what's a good synonym for "minorities"?
Marcus: How about "people of color"?
Joel: That sounds a lot like "colored people", I dunno if that's okay...
Marcus: Nah fam, I just switched the order, so it's totally fine. Besides, I'm black, and you know black people can't be racist.
by Roger Ramirez December 16, 2016
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A plural noun denoting people who are not white or of European parentage.

Its antonym is 'people without color', which coincidentally is the definition of 'albino people' (aka. white people).

So it's a way of saying white people are albinos and people who aren't white are not albinos, unless you are an albino in which case you are cursed with the disease of Caucasiavitis, and you should promptly consult your doctor (you may experience symptoms such as burning like a vampire from sunlight, and urges of incest, pedophilia and/or having sex with dogs).
People of color is just another way of saying white people are albinos.
by Jooduk January 23, 2019
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