Person 1:how long is the wait till season 2

Person 2:A LONG FREAKING WAIT!!!!!!!!!
by HI IM JIMMY January 30, 2014
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whenever there is a show, season 2 of it is always the best
Person 1: so whats you favourite season of insert show here
Person 2:Season 2, BITCH!
by The WheeliumThe2nd Of Death November 9, 2018
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Typically the best season in any tv show that was birthed in a time period from 1989-2003 and has ran until at least 2014
Spongebob, family guy, the simpsons, all of them peaked in season 2 of their respective shows
by Snozingly7 April 20, 2023
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Code for sex
Person 1: "yo I did the boys season 2 last night!"
Person 2: "what the hell are you talking about?"
Person 1: "it's slang for sex."
by BurgerKingBruhMoment December 15, 2021
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tpn season 2 is the dumbest shit i’ve ever seen
by Realevl September 30, 2021
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A phrase that refers to an old joke. The "Season" depends on the year of high school or college. For example, "Season 1" refers to one's Freshmen year while "Season 2" represents the Sophomore year. The term "angle," mostly used in a media-based context, refers to the direction a particular joke utilizes.
Davo: Hey, I'm out of ideas; can't we just make fun of Dan the Man's buggil dash?
Pumster: Nah, that's more of a Season 2 angle.
by HugeBreasticle May 14, 2005
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The Season 2 Switcharoo is an ideological bait and switch.

When a Television series avoids taking political positions and focuses on good story and characters in it's first season only to go full on current year politics in follow up seasons.

The writers and producers know that people want to be entertained not preached at. So they lure people in, get them invested with an apolitical high quality first season and only to then start beating them over the head with their Ideology in season 2 onwards.

Hot new Science fiction series

Season 1: A thoughtful space opera dealing First contact and how different people deal with the ramifications.

It's apolitical focused on telling an interesting story and set pieces & people love it.

Season 2: Black Lesbians dealing with racism and homophobia in SPAAAAAACEEEE.

Its character focused merely as a thinly veiled excuse for the writers room to beat you over the head with their political beliefs. Audience dislikes it more than likes it.

Season 3: Cancelled after 4 episodes.
"Dammit I really liked that show/movie but they went and pulled a Season 2 Switcharoo and now its unwatchable."
by TheSpazFromRainman March 25, 2021
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