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Secret Lesbian Lovers
Taylor and Karlie are Gal Pals who like to attend social events together.
by NateBlank December 06, 2014

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Brownwashing is a casting practice in the film industry of mainly The United States in which POC actors are cast in historically non-POC character roles. The film industry has a history of frequently casting POC actors for roles involving White, non-Hispanic culture.
Hermione Granger although a fictional character she has historically perceived as a young white girl this was up until recently when a Play based on the books announced their casting of a black woman to play the roll of Germione Granger. The Brownwashing of this popular fictional white character is just a small sample of this ever growing trend in entertainment industry.
by NateBlank July 23, 2017

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Nipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20's that value white supremacy, counter-culture, regressive politics, an appreciation of Hitler and Nazism, intelligence, and skull stomping.
Nipsters are Nazi Hipsters who wear White Pride on their chest and Horn-rimmed glasses on their face.
by NateBlank February 03, 2017

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A person who post regularly on /pol/ The Politically Incorrect forum located on the popular website 4chan.
There goes another polster ranting off on /pol/
by NateBlank October 27, 2018

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Rain Locker a woman's vagina.
I pounded her her rain locker for hours, afterwards my entire bed was soaked all the way through.
by NateBlank July 14, 2018

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A Toyphiler is a person or persons whom collect toys and or pictures of toys.
A Toyphiler would hang out on internet discussion forums and share pictures of their own personal toy collection with other Toyphilers.
by NateBlank April 19, 2011

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Encompasses a range of negative attitudes and feelings toward Caucasians or people who are identified or perceived as being white.
Caucasianaphobia I hate or fear whites because they are all racist. It is okay to beat up a white person if they use the n-word, or look at me funny. All white's love mayonnaise on their sandwiches. White Privilege is real.
by NateBlank March 01, 2015

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