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Granger is an incredibly kind and good-hearted gentleman; a sizable amount of his efforts are put towards maintaining a respectable moral highground. He is determined, capable, and a man of his word. Granger is most notable for being the most trustworthy individual you will ever encounter.
"Granger doesn't tell me what I want to hear - he tells me what I need to hear."

"Granger is always there when I need him to be."

"I can't remember a time when Granger wasn't honest with me."
by Best Bud August 07, 2019
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Damn homie his fit is fire as fuck.
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Used to describe things/people that just reek of awesomeness.
Daaayum, I love her new boots, they're hella granger.
by Seconds January 14, 2008
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Granger is a spot where wickedness rains,terror dwells,and shadows lurk. A city in the Yakima Valley engulfed in secrecy. Zombies plague the streets consuming drugs at an unnerving rate. Crackheads and criminals divide there spoils with junkies and fiends. The safest place in the city is locked inside your home with doors and windows barricaded. It has a small population due to citizens constantly being imprisoned or collapsing from overdoses. The few who remain spend there days either slanging Yayo or sniping crackheads. Either way it is a dark existence.
by Billy LaPierre December 21, 2006
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When you fall in love with a Granger and then get dumped like an old sock
She got grangered hard she never saw it coming
by Trashidic April 09, 2018
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1. A random group of drunks that should be avoided at all cost.

2. known to eat raw or uncooked meat i.e ground chuck, bacon, steak, fish heads.

3. will do anything for a dollar.

4. stupid is as stupid does.

5.someone who always has a cigarette in mouth.
God damn granger bit me on the skull again.
by bob letosky March 28, 2006
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