Granger is a spot where wickedness rains,terror dwells,and shadows lurk. A city in the Yakima Valley engulfed in secrecy. Zombies plague the streets consuming drugs at an unnerving rate. Crackheads and criminals divide there spoils with junkies and fiends. The safest place in the city is locked inside your home with doors and windows barricaded. It has a small population due to citizens constantly being imprisoned or collapsing from overdoses. The few who remain spend there days either slanging Yayo or sniping crackheads. Either way it is a dark existence.
by Billy LaPierre December 21, 2006
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the equivalent of being jewed or screwed out of something; the act of being jewish.
Wow I just got grangered.

Some granger just stole my money.

He keeps grangering all of his paycheck.
by John The Rabbi September 24, 2007
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1. A random group of drunks that should be avoided at all cost.

2. known to eat raw or uncooked meat i.e ground chuck, bacon, steak, fish heads.

3. will do anything for a dollar.

4. stupid is as stupid does.

5.someone who always has a cigarette in mouth.
God damn granger bit me on the skull again.
by bob letosky March 28, 2006
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Meaning someone who is sleazy, whiny, and needy. Typically, grangers can be found lurking on 4chan, banging disgusting women at clubs, or hiding in their mother's arms from angry girlfriends.
That granger over there just looked at porn and then cried to his mother.
by lolzabar November 16, 2010
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Someone who is either nerdy or a kiss up, or both. Typically to do with school. (Referring towards the personality of Hermione Granger in the first few books of Harry Potter)
Caitlin: HEY!! I have the answer pick on me! i reasearched it all last night so i would be ahead!
Giulia: Damn, look at that granger
Mariรฉ: Yeah dude shes hella granger.
by giulia goolia July 21, 2011
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A female that looks sexually appealing from a certain angle, when in reality they are a foul creature
Jose: hey homes, check out that fine chica standing over there by the whetzls pretzels. shes got a fine ass
Juan: I know, what I wouldn't do to get in between those cheeks...(creature turns around revealing its true form)
Jose and Juan:(projectile vomiting)
Anonymous passerby: those poor boys were ensnared by a granger
by ridemralphio July 09, 2009
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