Granger is an incredibly kind and good-hearted gentleman; a sizable amount of his efforts are put towards maintaining a respectable moral highground. He is determined, capable, and a man of his word. Granger is most notable for being the most trustworthy individual you will ever encounter.
"Granger doesn't tell me what I want to hear - he tells me what I need to hear."

"Granger is always there when I need him to be."

"I can't remember a time when Granger wasn't honest with me."
by Best Bud August 7, 2019
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Used to describe things/people that just reek of awesomeness.
Daaayum, I love her new boots, they're hella granger.
by Seconds January 15, 2008
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the equivalent of being jewed or screwed out of something; the act of being jewish.
Wow I just got grangered.

Some granger just stole my money.

He keeps grangering all of his paycheck.
by John The Rabbi September 24, 2007
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When you fall in love with a Granger and then get dumped like an old sock
She got grangered hard she never saw it coming
by Trashidic April 9, 2018
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Someone who is either nerdy or a kiss up, or both. Typically to do with school. (Referring towards the personality of Hermione Granger in the first few books of Harry Potter)
Caitlin: HEY!! I have the answer pick on me! i reasearched it all last night so i would be ahead!
Giulia: Damn, look at that granger
Marié: Yeah dude shes hella granger.
by giulia goolia July 21, 2011
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Someone who studies so much it's almost creepy.
Granger you only have to do 3 pages not the whole book!
by much_professional June 9, 2018
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The White Knight of men that stop at nothing to promote SJW culture through bad jokes and satire, but they really are just shittalkers that just want to get laid more than anything
Granger: Rape jokes are not okay, anyway, white people are so stupid haha- wanna fuck?
Girl: I already have a boyfriend
Granger: I dont care- _koochie_
Regular Human Being: That fake af dude is definatly a Granger
by IIIlllIII May 9, 2019
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