Carte blanche literally means "blank check." It is a term used when person A does a favor for person B and in return requests carte blanche (aka, a promised favor in the future.) Just like a blank check can be any amount, carte blanche could could be any range of favors.
Sawyer: Help me track this boar
Kate: Ok but you have to give me something
Sawyer: What?
Kate: carte blanche
by JLip December 5, 2005
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A situational term. This can take place in either a home with multiple roommates or an office with several coworkers. The first roommate/coworker that goes into the bathroom in the morning to lay down the first dump of the day has "carte blanche". Meaning that he/she has a blank canvas to do his work on and therefor set the tone for the day's defacation.
Keller ate tacos last night, I'm glad I got into the office early this morning to get the carte blanche.
by Rhody Furor September 10, 2008
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