(phrase) In Junkiedom, meaning to get a shot/injection in oneself.
Man, I'm glad those squares finally left. I was finally able to get-one-in.
by Nikki Stixx October 2, 2019
When you make an extraordinary or non-sensible joke, one that really burns its listener, and said listener is unable to even formulate a response to rebut the initial joke, the joke-teller then yells "Get One!"
Bec: You're colder than London...the Windy City.
Joey: ....
Bec: Get One!!!!
by joeydip005 April 21, 2010
A less conspicuous way to infer sexual attraction; as opposed to other base and common adjectives such as "fuck" and "shag". This term manages to achieve the same primitive undertones whilst sounding somewhat factual and legitimate in its subject matter.

May also be said in other ways such as "I'd give her one" "She'd get one", "He'd get it..."
If I was drunk she'd get one...
by Dexcelcious August 23, 2010
When he or she intends to get a packet of Peruvian snow delivered.
James said to the boys, shall we get one in?
by Gymcel October 5, 2017
To indulge in a heavy drinking session
"I can't wait till 5 o'clock on Friday - I'm gonna seriously get one on."
by gimpboy January 25, 2008
yo dubbs, quit hounded me, i gotta go get one.

yo its been 2 hours since i threw down breakfast, when i'm gonna get one?

yo come on D we ready to roll...nah man i gotta go git one first.
by jones August 8, 2003
Spiderman saves your life once, and once only.
"What'd he say?"

"Apparently everybody gets one..."
by noobtacular April 15, 2008