1. An extremely homosexual male with a Monk complex who enjoys "playing" soccer with other field fairies and refuses to touch doorknobs, ketchup packets, and tacos (prefers hotdogs)
Broch: "Dude, like totally get that taco away from me. It'll make me fat before soccer - I need to beef up."

Random Guy: "Want some of my hotdog?"
by byron kutlusoy August 29, 2006
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A very Homosexual Farmer
Who doesn't take care of his animals
who likes playing Soccer naked and hotdogs
and mostly have there middle name Evan
"Hey Broch, Go play some soccer and Eat some Hot dogs"
by HomesBlack January 22, 2008
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Portuguese translation of blowjob used in Portugal.
Faz-me um broche. = Blow me.
Ela fez-me um broche. = She gave me a blowjob.
by cumilian January 12, 2009
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a combination of "bro" and "gauche." Meaning socially awkward or not classy, especially in a frat- party setting.

"Bro," or sometimes "brah," is a term of affection some men use to address other men. For example, "hey bro, that's sick!" or "brah, are you going to the phi delt rager tonight?"

"Gauche" is a french term which means socially awkward, and is pronounced like "coach."
1. "Did you see how Brad spilled his drink all over that tri-delt? Not cool man, it was totally broche."

2. "Yeah, bro, she hooked up with three theta chi brothers during the 'professors and schoolgirls' party, while her ex was there. That slut's totally broche."
by hotlattalos December 14, 2009
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Brochure abbreviated
Upld da broch & 2x libr bk to internet.
by Hercolena Oliver May 2, 2010
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