BK stands for Brooklyn, New York
"i like them bois up top from the BK" -Destiny's Child song Soldier
by Awonu August 19, 2005
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Bad Kid
A person who is not good at a video game.
(After owning a kid on halo 2) "Wow, you're a BK."
by Fonzii March 14, 2007
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an abbreviation for the newfie, or newfoundland, phrase Best Kind, used to describe how something or someone is 'of the best kind'

used mainly on the computer, as in, when you want to say somethings best kind outload, you do not say the letters bk. you say best kind.
Computer Chat;
Newfie 1: Hey, what do you think of Randy?
Newfie 2: He seems bk sure.

Face-To-Face Talking;
Newfie 1: Hey, what do you think of Randy?
Newfie 2: He seems best kind sure.
by hahaiefwhiuhd January 9, 2011
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Stands for "Blood Killa". Terms Crips and other opposite gang sets of the bloods use. Also, being written as Graffiti on walls, on the internet, notebooks, cars, hats, clothes, sneakers, etc.

Also, being substituted for the letter "b" in every word by gang members.
Its BK, All Day Everyday!

Fuck dem bklue rag bkitches, i bke bkangin dat shit like a tru g.
by OG Killah Bu5taH April 26, 2005
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a blood killer and you are a crip or you say it to be cool
when you see a blood you say fuck you slob bk for life
by derek December 2, 2004
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