A hard working individual whom may be male or female. Provides food for everyone. They work 24hours a day normally from a very young age. A dangerous and selfless occupation to which all should be thankful.
May be Male OR Female. I am a teenage female farmer.
by Farmgirl April 26, 2012
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1. A hard-working individual who grows food and raises animals
2. Slang for penis
1. See that farmer? Respect him.
2. That creep wants to see my farmer.
by hototreeyay April 25, 2015
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A professional footballer who is:
(1) Rugged in appearance (usually bearded)
(2) Severely technically limited

(3) Defined by their hard work, bastardry and extreme nationalism which makes up for their lack of fitness or ability
(5) Likely to be toiling in the fields for a living when not playing football
Fucking hell I can’t believe England have just lost to Iceland, they’re just a bunch of farmers mate!
by UTGParker July 3, 2018
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Someone who nuts in every ho around, usually with a dozen or more baby mamas and 30 or more unsupported children. Never uses condoms
I planted so many seeds in that ho, she thinks I'm a farmer
by I'll be your huckleberry hound January 12, 2020
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someone who is outstanding in their feild
if Pam Anderson was a farmer she would be outstanding in her feild
by Cavy_king! November 2, 2007
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(Noun) Mark Ethans; One who wears flannel all the time and doesn't make any sense. ever.
hey mark ethans you're such a farmer
by markethansyeah February 12, 2011
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Someone who participates in activities that are boring, pointless or not that fun i.e. activities that are equally boring to farming and the associated farming lifestyle. Can also be used interrogatively.
Q:What are ya doin' tonight ya farmer?
A: Nothin, I'll probably stay in tonight and watch the O.C. or Dexter on T.V.
by Aaron Yao September 24, 2009
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