Home of Charlie and Laserhawk.
I chilled with Charlie and Laserhawk last night in the basement of Theta Chi.
by therush88888 October 20, 2009
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home of the best beer pong players at the University of Texas
OX1: Im almost getting bored of beer pong. I cant find anyone else to beat.
OX2: did you try phi psi's or any of the other sucks fraternitys?
OX1: ya i beat all those guys so many times my head hurts
by Texas-OX July 29, 2005
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(n) (1) A rowdy group of homosexual men who enjoy drinking warm natural light followed by drunken assplay. (2) The weakest frat at UT. (3) Straight up bati boiz.
"Yo, did that Theta Chi give you a reacharound after the elephant walk?"
by Kappa Sig August 26, 2005
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A fraternity comprised of mostly faux-elitist queens that tend to rope in a few decent recruits under the guise of being "gentlemanly".

If you don't go to an Ivy League school, but would like to pretend you do, pledge theta chi. They are the only fraternity that will take you seriously in that sweater vest.
Theta Chi: "You see how I didn't take advantage of that slovenly drunk girl last night? Only a true gentleman would do such a thing."

Normal Guy: "You're not a gentleman, you're a closet case."
by greekgeek March 17, 2009
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A fraternity based on leadership and charisma, achieved only by the finest gentleman which succeed in all aspects of academia and social life. What every fraternity aspires to be.
"Goddamn, Theta Chi's run shit on campus"

"Why does every sorority love Theta Chi so much?"
by RUSH OX July 20, 2004
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A local fraternity at Hope College. Known as the Centurions, they are pretty averages guys who you wouldn't necessarily guess to be in Greek Life. All have an unhealthy obsession with making jokes about buttsex and having small dicks. Many talk like they are from California also. They can be heard all over campus with their distinctive "whoop whoop" call between brothers. Not everyone knows them, but everyone that does know them loves them.
Girl 1: So I heard you hooked up with an Alpha Theta Chi (Cent) last night...again

Girl 2: Ya, I figured forget the "nickel"...I'm going for the "quarter". They are just hella bro chill even though they overdo it with the buttsex jokes occasionally. I made him "whoop whoop"...that's for sure.
by Little.Red.Riding.Hood November 21, 2011
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ACU sorority of not ALL blonde hoe bags, most have passed a driving test, hate fiestas, love silent discos, wear yellow every day, and love moonies or subbers on an off day.
Guy 1: Woah who's that blonde??
Guy 2: Idk she's probably from Sigma Theta Chi she's wearing yellow
by gamma68 February 21, 2022
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