A) The most sexy woman I met, but also an adorable little angel and also known as bacon

B) The most beautiful human or maybe a real goddess
C) Most smart and outstanding person
D) Super cute, super kind, super friendly and super good
E) Most amazing person
F) Can be perverted too
Allan: Woah!! It's Ela she's smokin hot

Allan: Ela is such a goddess
Allan: She's Ela the most nicest person !
by bambi's bacon January 18, 2019
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Ela is a beautiful known person that is surrounded with amazing and caring friends. she has a heart of gold. Whoever she walks past they will drop there jaws to her gorgeousness no one can stand her beauty, she tends to have a lot of haters but its ok ela doesnt need anyone because she is a tough mature person, just make sure you dont get on ela's nerve because she will hurt you like no motherfucker has
Omg is that ela, never knew she was this gorgeous
by loveyouhuman December 16, 2016
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A beautiful girl who has many friends and will always be there for them. She is the coolest person you will ever meet so don't let her go. She is happy and cheerful.
I've been waiting so long to see you ela! Your the coolest person I've ever met!
by Holselsom April 9, 2015
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A name for a girl who is funny, kind of an outcast, a bit of an happy emo. Ela is one of the coolest people you will ever meet, so don't let this one get away.
I looked, but i couldn't find an example. This name Ela isn't common. Sorry! ;)
by Hey-Hey-Sunny-Day October 8, 2013
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A thicc operator from Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Seige With a booty you will want to stick your meat into.
Damn... Ela is hella thicc, I want that BOOTY.
by FatAssEthan July 14, 2018
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Literally everything. If you ever encounter Ela, you’d want to keep her for a lifetime. An absolute perfect human being, wonderful person, a real goddess with a heart of gold. Admired by everyone for her awesomeness. Always manages to lights up the entire room with her sweet smile. Effortlessly attractive. Drop dead gorgeous inside out, but she often has no idea of her true beauty. Wherever she walks, everyone got their eyes on her. All the guys want her and all the girls wish they were her.
To know Ela is to instantly fall for her. She has an outstanding personality. Probably the nicest, coolest person you’ll ever meet. Always see the bright side in everything. Shy and brave at the same time. Can be serious, silly, fun. Has the most amazing music taste. Great sense of humor, considerate, trustworthy. Ela makes you laugh and love her even if you dont want to. When you need someone to talk to, she’s the person to go to. Popular but only chooses a few certain people to get close with. Loves her family and friends dearly. She got their back for an eternity even if no one’s there for her. However dont mistake her kindness for weakness. Can be sassy if you get on her bad side. She’ll show you your place.
She’s one of a kind. The one who have the fortune to wins her heart will be everyone’s envy, for being the luckiest guy in the entire universe. Your time with her will be the happiest you’ve been. Ela is definitely the most beautiful and precious thing to ever happen to you.
“Damn that girl is everything. Perfect in every way.”
"Yeah that's Ela."

"She's the prettiest girl i've ever met. I would do anything for her."
“She must be Ela. I want to be her.”
by uknowutrustme November 24, 2021
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A sporty girl mainly associated with swimming. She usually has brown hair and hazel eyes. Often she is tall. She has many friends and isn't always caring but can be when shes in the mood to be. If you know an ela you will know her for a long time. If you are her bestie. Stay her bestie even if shes done something as shes didn't mean it.
Ela is really nice
by your nanas August 10, 2018
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