The parent-to-child equivalent of piss off I’m busy
5yo: Daddy, why do ducks have webbed feet?

The Dad: Well they use their feet as flippers to swim in ponds, now go play alright?
by SushiWarlord March 21, 2019
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A common phrase used to harass and berate gamers to stop being “lazy asses” and “go play outside.”
“Bobby get off your fat ass and go play outside.”

by CurrentlyExistant69420 February 3, 2020
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an insulting way of telling someone to go away, along the lines of get lost, & hoping the person in question gets hurt.
"that's the fifth time you've asked me that today. why don't you do us all a favor & go play on the freeway?"
by bigbutt98 September 2, 2009
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An expression of anger towards a person or persons, indicating you would like them to leave.
Take your toys and go play in the road, idiot.
by Kung-fu Jesus July 30, 2004
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1) Go fuck yourself
2) Leave me alone
3) Go have gay sex with your friend
Person 1: Youre gay
Person 2: Go play Fortnite
Person 1: ....You went there
by YallNotReadyForThis April 20, 2018
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something you say to someone who has made an embarrasing/silly comment
sarah - lets go feed the hens

peter - no, go play with traffic
by grogsy September 13, 2006
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the words donald trump (cheeto puff's) management team told him so he wouldn't have a fit when he found out he didn't win
by criminalmindsfan32 November 9, 2020
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