a really big slut. used in a (usually) playful way, but can very well be incriminating.
wow, that girl, what a slut-slut
by 349853 April 15, 2006
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A slut is a person who is known to have had sex many times with different individuals.
you had sex with him again? you are such a slut.
by Madsterr February 3, 2015
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A dirty, slovenly man.

Invented circa 1386 by English poet Geoffrey Chaucer (in the form of "sluttish") to describe a gross man of low moral character. A man can become a slut by rotten behavior, especially by having sex with more than one woman (sexual depravity).
He had sex before he met his wife, and it broke his wife's heart. He is such an awful slut.
by chFree77 February 6, 2022
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Someone who sleeps with multiple people, preferably behind one another's back.
Olivia lied in her bed, quietly wishing she had someone to fuck with. Then, she had an idea. She quickly found the most slutty dress she could find and pulled it on. She didn't even bother finding underwear. She went outside, knowing someone would eventually try to flirt with her. And, almost instantly, a man came to her. "Hey, princess." He says, smirking. Olivia grins and steps closer to him. She doesn't think what he thinks of her. But, she can tell he's hard. She begins rubbing her hips against his, teasing his cock through their clothes. "Wanna go to my place?" She ask. He nods quickly. She leads him back to her house, where he quickly pins her to the couch. "I'm not going easy on you..." He whispers into Olivia's ear. She moans out in anticipation. He grins and pulls his pants off. He slowly slides his tip in and out. "But maybe you might want to beg a bit..." He says. Olivia's already been transformed into a whimpering, moaning mess. "F- fuck... Please..." She whimpers quietly. The man, who Olivia doesn't even know the name of, thrust hard and fast into her pussy. She quickly wraps her legs around her waist. "F- fuck..." She manages to moan out. He grins and thrust harder and faster. Olivia arches her back and moans loudly, fully loving the attention. But quickly, she regrets her decision of begging when she could have just used her fingers. The man continues thrusting after she cums, not caring that she's being overstimulated. (Like for part two)
by Sluttt_fuckme April 14, 2021
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A person that has promiscuous sex. Someone who sleeps around, not great for a relationship.
He sleeps around alot. That dude is a slut.
by 12yearoldgirlandadonkey April 12, 2018
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Someone that sleeps with loads of people
That girl is a slut she's slept with everyone in the class
by Virgin.co March 9, 2017
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A slut is either a male/female with low standards of cleanliness.
My friend Max hangs out with many girls and wants to be with each one of them and use them for pleasure.
Such a slut.
by Bigdickcommander32 February 3, 2018
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